Computer Networks Enable Better Communication.

A computer network connects computers together which allows them to share and exchange information. While a single computer is a great tool, several networked computers can be much more useful. If your business has multiple computers and employees you certainly need a computer network.  It’s hard for people to work together if no one knows what anyone else is doing. A computer network makes it much easier for employees to share files and information – especially if you store data on a central server.  A network also makes printing much easier because you don’t have to purchase a printer for each computer. Just connect the printer to your network, and all computers will be able to print to it.

Network Design & Installation

Computer network design and installation can be daunting, but don’t let that scare you.  With the proper planning and expert consultation from Computer Guys, you can have a computer network that will give you the speed and reliability your business needs.  It all starts with the planning.  This involves defining your requirements, planned usage, projected growth and security issues.  Once the initial planning has been done, the next stage involves deciding what hardware will be required and what hardware your network will support. This type of hardware can include items such as back-up devices, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies), network printers, switches and more.

Network Security

Keeping intruders out of your network isn’t just a big company’s headache. Small businesses are increasingly becoming the subject of hacker attacks. Nearly one-third of businesses with fewer than 500 employees experienced some kind of security incident in 2006, according to the Computer Security Institute’s most recent computer crime survey.  You can effectively minimize your risk of a security breach with the help of Computer Guys network security experts. Every operating system is vulnerable to viruses and hackers, let us help you develop an iron-clad defense for your network users and equipment. With the increasing risk of virus and hacker infiltration, your need for strong firewall protection and intrusion detection is critical. Trust the Computer Guys to provide you with the most effective protection for your entire network system.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are becoming faster, more affordable and easier to implement than ever before.  Higher productivity, application mobility and greater satisfaction are just a f ew of the immediate paybacks you get from a wireless network.  A wireless network can also make it easier to reconfigure your office space as your business changes.  Some of the advantages and benefits compared to wired networks are; reduced cost of installation, flexibility, convenient information access. Wireless networks are the way to go, especially where there is no existing wired network. This is especially true in leased offices, where you can’t go cutting holes in walls.