Design & Install

Network Design & Installation

Computer network design and installation can be daunting, but don’t let that scare you.  With the proper planning and expert consultation from Computer Guys, you can setup a computer network that will give you the speed and reliability your business needs.  It all starts with the planning.  This involves defining your requirements, planned usage, projected growth and security issues.  Once the initial planning has been done, the next stage involves deciding what hardware will be required and what hardware your network will support. This type of hardware can include items such as back-up devices, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies), network printers, switches and more.

Security, speed, and reliability are also essential when it comes to business networking. Every day your computers exchange sensitive and important information that needs to flow quickly, safely, and seamlessly throughout your office. Computer Guys can create a network that operates quickly and efficiently while maintaining a high level of protection against viruses and hackers. We can design and install Local Area Networks (LAN) inside of homes or businesses, and advanced Wide Area Networks (WAN) that connect offices across town or country.

In addition to our network design capabilities, we can:

  • Install all cables and connection devices.
  • Supply all of your hardware and software for setting up a network.
  • Install network operating systems on server and client computers.
  • Create a network server that is custom-configured for your application.
  • Create a secure login mechanism for use on client machines.
  • Provide a complete list of all network settings, passwords, and other file information.
  • Create a complete backup and data recovery plan for the entire network in case of unpredictable system failure.

Computer Guys can design, install and manage any network to fit your individual needs, including one-on-one technical support, upgrade recommendations, and regular maintenance.

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