Get Untangled With Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking or “WiFi” lets you enjoy instant connectivity wherever you need it. Wired networking allows access to networks and the internet as long as you are near a plug and have a cable. With WiFi networking, you can access your network and Internet from anywhere in your home or business – no cables required.  Businesses and home users are quickly adopting wireless networking—and for good reason. It’s cheap, convenient, easy to set up, and provides great mobility.

The freedom from tangled cables is wonderful but comes with a price. A wireless network can broadcast far outside your home or office. With a powerful antenna and some widely available hacking software, anyone near your wireless router —or even driving by—can passively (without alerting the target) scan all the data flowing in your network.  Computer Guys will assist you in creating an advanced wireless network that is both practical for your needs, secure, and efficient.

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