Computer Systems

Choosing The Right System

We do not sell individual computer systems to the general public. Anyone can go down to the big super stores, point to a computer, and have the stock boy put it in the car for you.  We especially do not recommend this approach for business computer.  The reason is

All computer systems are not created equal.  Just like there are different types of vehicles for different purposes, there are different computer systems.  You wouldn’t try to take a economy car off-road would you?  Well some people might, but it wouldn’t work very well or last very long.  Businesses especially should get professional assistance in determining what type of computer system will offer the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership).  Buying the cheapest or even the most expensive is not a wise approach.  Selecting the right computer system to get the job done can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Let our experience help you make the right decisions to avoid frustration and save money.

Business Computers

Having your computers running all day and sometimes all night requires a computer that can handle this type of workload.  Most “home” computers are not designed to handle high stress workloads.  They typically have inadequate cooling, cheap power supplies and hard drives of marginal quality.  Business model computers can also be customized with the software needed for your environment and not with all of the useless junk.  We recommend purchasing the “business” model computers from major vendors such as Dell, IBM or Hewlett Packard.  These business model computers are tested and designed to work in the higher workload environment of businesses.  Most vendors also have a different support department dedicated to their business line of computers. Contact us today for a consultation.

Business Servers

What is a server and why do you need one?  Servers are dedicated and often specialized computer systems designed to share and manage all of a business’ data. One of the first questions we hear about a server is…

“How is a server different from a desktop?”

The answer to this question is more straightforward than you might imagine. A server is a system specifically designed to hold, manage, send, and process data. The technology behind servers:

  • Makes them more reliable than desktop systems
  • Helps them process data faster and more efficiently
  • Can be extended to support data backup and security
  • Reduces data bottlenecks so information flows more freely and quickly
  • Is designed to scale as your needs scale

In short, a server is much more than a supercharged desktop system, and can’t be replaced by one. Desktop systems are optimized to run user-friendly operating systems, desktop applications, and facilitate other “desktop” tasks. Even if a desktop has the same processor speed, memory, and hard disk space as a server, they aren’t the same because the technologies behind them are engineered for different usage. The next most asked question about servers we get is.

Why Do I Need A Server?”

Here are some examples why why you need a server and what it can do for your business.

  • You need to centralize and organize your data
  • You need to share hardware such as printers and fax machines for two or more PCs
  • You need to simplify backups to keep your data more secure
  • You have employees who travel, frequently telecommute, or work off-site, and want to connect to a network
  • You could benefit from an intranet
  • You have high storage needs and your desktop computers are running out of storage
  • You run accounting software or other specialized application on more than one computer
  • Your business is growing and plans to add new computers and employees
  • Your computers are old  and you want to get rid of them. A server makes migration easier
  • Your computers are old and you want to keep them. A server takes a load off the computer

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Laptops & Mobile

Laptops and mobile devices make it possible to work from almost anywhere.  Laptops are pretty much equal compared to their desktop counterparts when it comes to computing power.  The obvious benefit of laptops is their size and portability.  The main factors for choosing the right laptop are screen size, weight, battery life and durability.  Depending on which factors are most important to you will depend on which laptop you need.  Choosing the best laptop or mobile device to fit your needs can be a daunting task.  Let us advise you in choosing the best portable system that will give you what you need.
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