Data Protection

Data Protection Is Top Priority

Your computer data is constantly at risk of  to viruses, spyware and hackers.

Protecting your data and sensitive information from viruses and hackers is a top priority. While viruses can infect your computers through many points of vulnerability, Computer Guys know what it takes to keep your system and network secure.

You cannot afford to take data security lightly. Identity theft is rampant, accounting for approximately one-third of consumer complaints received by the Federal Trade Commission.  More than half  of identity-theft-related data breaches can be attributed to theft or loss of a computer or transportable media.

Computer Guys Safety Tips

  1. Get a computer security checkup from Computer Guys
  2. Use updated virus and spyware protection software
  3. Use a firewall
  4. Don’t open unknown email attachments
  5. Don’t run programs of unknown origin
  6. Disable hidden filename extensions
  7. Keep all applications (including your operating system) patched
  8. Turn off your computer or disconnect from the network when not in use
  9. Do not use file sharing programs such as LimeWire
  10. Disable Java, JavaScript, and ActiveX if possible
  11. Disable scripting features in email programs
  12. Make regular backups of critical data
  13. Make a recovery disk in case your computer is damaged or compromised
  14. Encrypt and password protect sensitive data
  15. Be careful of unsecured WiFi connections
  16. When traveling keep laptops and handheld devices safe.  Checkout products from Pacsafe

Your company could experience a costly data breach.

  • Is your company is about to reduce it’s workforce?  It is possible that employees might take customer account lists, financial data, or strategic plans when they leave.  Proprietary information could end up in the hands of your biggest competitors or be widely distributed online.
  • Does your company use an outside vendor to print customer mailings, and the unencrypted, nightly file transfer contains excessive and potentially sensitive customer data?  Could your vendor be improperly using the data or improperly securing the data?  If so, your customers’ identities could be at risk.
  • Do employees export data  and send it unencrypted to their personal e-mail so they can work from home? Your data may be compromised on someone’s home computer.
  • Do you know where your most sensitive data resides, and do you have the appropriate controls in place to prevent unauthorized access? You could be in violation of local or federal regulations as well as non-compliant with your company policies.

Computer Guys can help you design a Data Loss Prevention program that will allow you to gain control over sensitive data, reduce the cost of data breaches and achieve greater visibility into how data is used throughout your organization.

Don’t hesitate – Contact us today and get the protection you need.